Integrated UAV/Drone Services

Integrated UAV/Drone Services

Cushman & Wakefield Waterloo Region's Integrated UAV/Drone Services is a leading drone service platform providing a turnkey toolkit solutions to acquire, process, and deliver aerial property information for land and commercial real estate marketing to enterprise customers.

Cushman & Wakefield Waterloo Region Ltd. is the first commercial real estate brokerage to launch an integrated UAV/Drone service platform in Canada. By offering our clients a cutting edge commercial real estate service with the most advanced UAV/Drone hardware and software technology solutions, we are able to apply leading marketing technique that showcase our clients commercial listings in a unique and powerful way.

Using our software and newest drone technology, we capture Ultra HD images and video and convert imagery into realistic 3D models that allow clients to observe property and surroundings from a detailed aerial perspective. Multiple vantage points provide an extremely precise look to perform detailed building aerial inspections giving our clients the confidence that their infrastructure project is being completed as scheduled with Ultra HD digital records of construction.

Additional services include capturing visual factors such as proximity to major roadways, traffic flows, amenities, and key infrastructure, as well as more complex applications including construction project management, earthworks cut & fill analysis, and property elevation analysis.

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Andre Freitas
Graphic Designer,  UAV Practice Leader

Primary Use Cases

  • Commercial Real Estate Aerial Photography & Video Production
  • Site Development & Land Site Feasibility Studies
  • Amenity and Traffic Analysis
  • Construction and Site Development Progress Planning
  • Exterior Building Inspections
  • Commercial Property Appraisal Report Data
  • Live stream UAV/Drone video on YouTube feed for remote viewing for site review

UAV/Drone Expertise

Our drone services team has industry knowledge and required certifications to provide a risk-free managed solution. We offer:

  • Transport Canada Certified UAV/Drone Operators
  • Transport Canada Standing SFOC Status
  • Industry Canada Radio Proficiency Restricted Operator Certificates
  • NOTAM Filing
  • $2M Aviation Liability Coverage
  • Advanced UAV/Drone Fleet and Software Applications

UAV/Drone 4k Video Production

UAV/Drone HD Photography

Site Profile Elevation &  Cut/Fill Analysis

Property Appraisal with UAV/Drone Services by Cushman & Wakefield
Drone Elevation Map for Land Development ans site grading
Property Appraisal with UAV/Drone Services by Cushman & Wakefield